IPL Laser Hair Removal Crawley

I am fully qualified to provide IPL Laser Hair Removal.

Intense Pulled Light treatment is used to reduce and remove unwanted body hair. The laser shoots intense pulsed light, the light is absorbed by the pigment of the hair, quickly turning into heat which kills the growing cells that make the hair folical. Treatments work best on clients with dark hair and fair skin.

It is recommended that you have the treatments done every 4-6 weeks and shave the areas before you come in for treatment.

Please note that due to the intimate nature of this service, I provide hair removal services for females only.


1 Facial Area £30.00
2 Facial Areas £50.00
3 Facial Areas £65.00
Full Face £75.00
Underarm £45.00
Bikini Line £55.00
Underarm & Bikini Line £75.00
Half Leg £85.00
Full Leg £140.00
Half Arm including Hands £70.00
Full Arm £95.00
Buttocks £70.00